SKYMACROMEDIA correctly determines the existing needs and expectations of our customers and always focuses to fulfil them and provides customer satisfaction. Faults are intervened in timely and systematic manner with the management understanding adopting the innovative approaches and our staff having strong belief in total quality. Corrective and preventive actions are taken in the each stage to ensure that it shall not be repeated. Our Quality Management System and Policy is periodically reviewed, developed and its efficiency is increased. SKYMACROMEDIA has aimed to stick the following values to maximize the quality of the services provided by it.


SKYMACROMEDIA provides services which shall generate added value to its partners with the establishments to which it provides services being in the lead. Added value of the service is tracked down with the method of direct feedback. Especially, SKYMACROMEDIA tries to provide helpful feedback for continuous improvement of the assessment process


Continuous learning is the precondition for the continuous improvement. Thus, SKYMACROMEDIA always learns from both its own events and performance and the experiences of the other similar establishments. Advancement of staff and volunteers are supported and promoted in a way which shall create environment to become aware of their own potentials and use it.


SKYMACROMEDIA staff and volunteers have adopted high level of ethic approach which is transparent and ready to answer by being responsible individuals to their partners. Thus, SKYMACROMEDIA tries to avoid generating conflict of interest within the ethical rules and acts professionally


Maximizing the value offered and increasing the success depend on the developing cooperation. So, SKYMACROMEDIA looks for the opportunity to cooperate with national and international establishments and develops it. For continuous cooperation, it is the basis that there are shared targets between the partners and a relationship is established in which expertise, sources, and information are mutually creased and based on mutual trust, respect and transparency.


SKYMACROMEDIA establishes and continues a respectful and affectionate relationship with all the establishments to which it provides service. They are aware that the one which finally assess the quality of the services are the establishments to which service is provided.


SKYMACROMEDIA has the responsibility of informing its partners and public in relation with all operations and answering them with advertisement, promotion and event operations being in the lead.