SKYMACROMEDIA has operated in the advertising sector and generated distinguished environments with the elite and boutique investments from 1993 in which it was found to-day. It carry outs all advertising area business of TeknoPlay entertainment stores and RİXOS Hotel Lobbies and THE WORLD OF VIA/PORT which is the biggest advertising investment of Turkey. We aim to generate effective advertising areas at the points where pedestrian traffic is high and reach advertisers to their customers in more effective and efficient, target group-focused way. We pay importance for target group access to be at the highest level by applying technology and creative and smart solutions. We have adopted designing all advertisement units in which we prioritize care and aesthetic by owning the urbanism and environment values without generating advertisement pollution as the principle. We have prioritized satisfaction by correctly determining the expectations with the principle of “Our customers are our partners” and focusing to provide them. Skymacromedia has adopted to increase brand values and sales and profitability of the advertisers and to provide the investment of the environments which shall reach the target group with the most efficient way as mission.