Outdoor advertisements consist of some original elements such as other advertisement environments. The main aim of the advertisements is hidden under the catchword (slogan or theme). Elements in the outdoor advertisement environments are as follows:

Thought (Concept): It is required for an effective Outdoor advertisement to establish a powerful and creative thought (concept), and it is required for riveting and easy-to-remember notification that the thought benefited from is creative.

Size and Dominance: Size of the outdoor advertisement message dominates the looks.
Advertisement Text: Text used in outdoor advertisement must be short. Generally, a title consisting of a single row and a text promoting the product are used. The most important characteristic is that the text is prepared in short form and words and phrases used in the text are short.

Design: A good design is important for outdoor advertisements to create instant and powerful effect.

Layout: It is necessary to combine visual and text elements to create a powerful thought (concept). Generally, a simple method is used for a good arrangement; it is started with a powerful visual element, and closing is made with an easy-to-remember title and information in relation with the product.

Visual Element: The biggest feature of the outdoor advertisements is that they have high level of visibility. So, it is required that the graphics and other visual elements to be used are attractive. Huge-sized photos of the product are used. Thickening and brightness are important to provide attraction.

Typography: Using capital letters and ornamental text fonts should not be preferred since they shall decrease readability.

Colour: Many advertisement boards benefit from bright colours to attract attention. It is aimed to impress the target group with the huge-sized colour image of the product and realistic looks.

Logo: There must be logo of the product or brand in the outdoor advertisements; because, outdoor advertisements is an advertisement environment calling the visual quality. Even people do not read the texts in these advertisements; product or brand logo may be remembered.

Recognition of Product: The one of the important points to be paid attention in design of the outdoor advertisements is that it provides recognition of the product by the target group. In a good outdoor advertisement, it must be provided that target group focuses on the product.

Zoning: Placement strategy of the advertisement boards is very important. This planning must be made as the result of very careful and long researches. Campaigns may be arranged in chosen regions or cities. The aim is to provide the highest visibility by using lowest amount of board in each region determined.

Advertising units

Placement angles (such as 900 or 00)
Visibility period
Distance to road
Effect of the environment
Visibility according to the traffic intensity
Sensibility level compared to the number of posters in the same are very important.