Each advertisement is made to give a message to the target group. It should not be forgotten that money is spent to correct the wrong message as much as the amount paid for the advertisement. So, we want to classify the advertisements according to their messages.

Corporate Advertisement: They are the advertisements in which the name and size and targets and vision of the establishment become prominent. Generally they are image-weighted. But, there are advertisements differently designed. Public offerings are example for this difference.

Product Advertisement: They are the advertisements in which the name, price, warranty, quality, how to reach the product are fully or partially stated. They are advertisements made for the product.
Leading Advertisements: They ensure that a product category is developed instead of a product of a brand. They are generally the advertisements contributing the development of the sector. Glass bottle advertisements (şişe cam) or advertisement of juice box (tetra-pak).

Design: A good design is important for outdoor advertisement to generate instant and powerful effect.

Competition Advertisements: They are the advertisement to getting ahead since there are more than one competitor in the same product. Advertisements in which product characteristics are told and it is stated that it is better than the rival are made as well as advertisement focusing on the sensuality, personality and brand loyalty can be made.

Comparative Advertisement: Superiorities different from the rival are emphasized. Price, quality, after-sale services etc. But it is necessary to be very careful and not to cause unfair competition. This subject is one protected by laws. So, it is a dangerous zone.

Reminding Advertisement: It is the advertisement type applied in the maturity and reduction of the life trend of the product. Regardless from how powerful the brand is, it follows a fluctuant course. Even a very powerful brand may go into decline it has a problem to track down its consumer. There are works to be made when going into decline when the top is seen. Reminding advertisements both carry out their duties in these times and support to establish customer loyalty.