The point to which most attention is paid in outdoor advertising is the visual design. The level at which the individual is interested in design shows the level of the visual quality. The most crucial characteristic of the outdoor advertising is “creativity”. Creativity, in other words theme, bright colours, text fonts, size, three dimension...may feature the advertised product more.

Sensibility of the outdoor advertisements by the persons is rather related with the design of the advertisement. So, rate of raising awareness of the creative advertisements are higher compared to the standard advertisements. Individuals have pronounced their interest in outdoor advertisements and they have stated this interest by emphasizing that indoor advertisements are more attractive.

As the result of the researches, outdoor advertisements inform the people mostly in relation with the product advertised.
Outdoor advertisements are also complementary to the other advertisement environments. Awareness level of the advertisements remembered easily is high. When features generating the awareness are questioned, the answers are visual quality and design. In other words, outdoor advertisements provide their awareness with visual quality, design and slogans.

Lastly, outdoor advertisements informs the individuals in relation with the product most and then promotes the product. In this direction, informing the individuals regarding with the product leads the awareness effect of outdoor advertisements on the individuals.